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Has life ever thrown you a curved ball?  It did me, back in 2012! I  finally received a diagnose of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) following periods of serious ill health and I knew my life had to take a different direction.

Having worked in Marketing Communications and Events for many years, 

I wanted to use all my experience and skills.  I started by simply helping friends with general marketing, website design, branding, and of course social media! Before I knew it, I had launched Electric Footprint. 

My business allows me to create the lifestyle I needed, whilst still working part time doing something I feel passionately about.  I love supporting other business owners to achieve their online goals.


Over the last few years I've become far more focused on social media (with the odd website still being created when asked). People around me started to ask how I did it. Before I knew it, I was teaching others everything I knew about social media and digital marketing, and my career as a social media coach began.

Since then, my ability to break information down into simple and non-jargon terms has become my signature skill. I work with some amazing small business owners, in and around Essex, and helping my clients pursue their something greater and see increased visibility through social media marketing brings me so much joy.

The best part of what I do is that everything can be done around my clients and myself. I’m able to impact lives and earn, while focusing on what’s important; health, family, career and flexibility. Now that must be a great step in creating the right balance!

Electric Footprint | Rachel Wicks | Social Media Coach

Supporting you to leave the right online impression!