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Start off on the right foot


I can create a perfectly optimised Social Media Account from the outset putting your Social Media activity off on the right footing and providing a solid foundation on which to build relationships with new and existing customers, and generate new business.

One size doesn't fit all.  Each social media platform differs, not just in it's functionality but with the type of person is using it.  It is therefore imperative you are were your ideal customer hangs out and not just ticking a social media box.  Once the right channel(s) is established, setup or audit can start.

Typically Facebook is where I start as this is the biggest social network out there.  Here are just a few of the things on the setup checklist: 

  • No cover photo or one that does not represent the brand.

  • Incomplete about sections, such as website, phone numbers, locations, when you were founded which will allow you to schedule or backdate posts.

  • The use of imagery and videos and links in your Facebook timeline which are much more engaged by Facebookers and helps get people to your site).

Electric Footprint | Rachel Wicks | Social Media Coach

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