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If you struggle with content creation, ideas for posts and how to get the best from your social media  Then our 🆕Social Media Content Planning Toolkit Subscription Service is for you! It'll be like having your own virtual Social Media Coach for only 82p a day! 🤩

For just £25 a month, you'll receive a detailed monthly planner of content ideas and other resources to help you plan, create and schedule posts across your chosen social media platforms (i.e.: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). 📆💭ℹ️

Subscribers will also gain access to an online support group where training materials and other useful resources will be available to assist your development and help grow your social media skills. 📝📚

Stop struggling and start posting with our social media planning toolkit. ✍️ Sign up today to start your subscription!

Monthly Subscription providing you with a toolkit 

To have your very own virtual social media coach!


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