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The benefit of using social media is you can see in real time the effect it has on your target audience, the leads you generate or your eCommerce sales. You can also use social media to measure how often and how much people are discussing you on the Internet and what their opinion is at the time.

In order to make analytics meaningful, you must look at the social media channel and understand how much business it brings to your website, and whether or not something you did had a positive of negative effect on your sales and lead generation.


Analysing social media can provide a macro view of all the conversations, but also specific metrics around which channel is helping to drive sales. For example, LinkedIn may provide many more leads to a business services company rather than Facebook and Instagram, which may provide more sales to a eCommerce site.

We will discuss and agree the goals right for your business in order to measure the performance of your social media and any revenue generated through it.  I can't guarantee you will be an overnight success your chosen platform as building a social media audience takes time, but can really be worth the investment.

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