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Benefits of working with a Social Media Coach

Nailing your social media strategy all by yourself can be a daunting task. Most people (77.8% of the UK population in fact) have at least 1 social media account that they use, but utilising it to its full potential is a whole different ball game. If you want real results, then you need to understand the complexities and advantages of really knowing how to get the best from the platform you choose to use.

That’s why the benefits of working with a social media coach are plentiful. I can elevate you from compete novice to becoming a self-sufficient social savvy whizz. I’m the woman who helps you take the stabilisers off of your social media bicycle! So, how do we do it? We work through my 10 steps to create and maintain your social media strategy and become more social media savvy!

This is where I coach you towards a better understanding of your social performance, how to analyse and measure your results and go on to develop your strategy into a 90 plan.


Having a social media strategy in place helps to make sure that the plan and the effort you are putting into your social media is fruitful and you are positively working towards achieving the boost in your online business presence you need. By having a clearly defined goals in your strategy of where you want to get to means that you can create relevant posts which reinforce your social objectives and validates the work you are putting in.


The first thing most people do when they wake up is check out their socials. You may see people and products that have great posts that are getting lots of engagement and you may be thinking, ‘I wish I got that…’ and you can! It all starts with bringing clarity to your social media objectives by understanding who, where, why, what and when. By answering these 5 simple questions you will have clarity on who your target audience is, where they are hanging out and start to create the right kind of content.


When we start a project of any sort, we absolutely need accountability. Without it, we are more likely to fall at the first hurdle if we are not getting the results we want. We live in a world where we can get most things instantly but developing your social media strategy and seeing results is more of a slow-burn; there could be a lot of testing involved and analysis of your insights to make sure you’re optimising your social media profiles on the right path. By having me on board, you can check in and be accountable and I’ll be your biggest supporter all the way. There will be no falling at the first hurdle here, just crossing the finishing line knowing that you have succeeded.


Support goes hand in hand with accountability. If the thought of managing your socials makes your hands tremble over the keyboard because you are unsure if you’re doing it right then you no longer need to worry. I am here every step of the way to help you smash your social goals and we do this together; I provide you with the training, tools and support you need to ensure your social strategy is a winner. You can also join my FREE Facebook group the 'Social Savvy Society' to get tips and tricks on how you can become more social media savvy!


If I had a penny for every time someone has said ‘I don’t know what to post’, I’d be on my yacht sipping a cocktail, served to me by a bronzed Adonis. One of the benefits of working with me as your social media coach, is that I give you ready-made ideas that can be tailored to suit your own style and help you to create engaging posts that your audience will love and interact with. Once you get used to these different ideas of what to post about, it will become second nature.


“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.Said Yogi Berra, former New York Yankees catcher, and boy is that true!

Planning your social media activity is relatively simple, you just need time to think about the following points and drop them into a monthly schedule, so you know what to post and when. Doing this in advance you can see a clear route to where you want to end up rather than posting random things for the sake of staying visible day by day. Think about planning around your business activity for the month ahead and tell that story, pop it all into a scheduling tool and it’s all automated for you!

Here’s a quick example:

· Which month are you focussing on? June

· Any seasonal events you need to start promoting? Father’s Day

· Any key activities your audience need to know about? New product launch

· What is your aim? Sell 100 units of a specific product and gain 20 new followers

· Do you have a theme? Fitness and wellbeing

· Fun facts? Add in some fun to the mix

· Who are you targeting? 30-year-old mums with an interest in health

· Which platform do you want to use? Facebook

· What post format will you use? Text/image/video/lives/stories

· What is your call to action? I want my audience to order a product

· Add your website link - always

· Use relevant hashtags so you get a better reach to relevant audiences #happyfathersday

· Mix it up! Original posts, shares, curated info sharing…

Once you have conquered these steps, you are well on your way to being more social media savvy!

So, if you want to get your social media off the ground, then the benefits of using a social media coach to help you move forward are invaluable. Let’s book a free discovery call and start planning your social media strategy together.

If you'd like to get your social media off the ground, get in touch. I'd love to help you become more social media savvy!

Drop me a DM on Electric Footprint

Give me a call 07958 231817 for a no obligation chat

I'm here to help.


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