Benefits of working with a Social Media Coach

Nailing your social media strategy all by yourself can be a daunting task. Most people (77.8% of the UK population in fact) have at least 1 social media account that they use, but utilising it to its full potential is a whole different ball game. If you want real results, then you need to understand the complexities and advantages of really knowing how to get the best from the platform you choose to use.

That’s why the benefits of working with a social media coach are plentiful. I can elevate you from compete novice to becoming a self-sufficient social savvy whizz. I’m the woman who helps you take the stabilisers off of your social media bicycle! So, how do we do it? We work through my 10 steps to create and maintain your social media strategy and become more social media savvy!

This is where I coach you towards a better understanding of your social performance, how to analyse and measure your results and go on to develop your strategy into a 90 plan.


Having a social media strategy in place helps to make sure that the plan and the effort you are putting into your social media is fruitful and you are positively working towards achieving the boost in your online business presence you need. By having a clearly defined goals in your strategy of where you want to get to means that you can create relevant posts which reinforce your social objectives and validates the work you are putting in.


The first thing most people do when they wake up is check out their socials. You may see people and produc