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Social media should never be an afterthought. It’s not something that can be posted on the fly.  Staying on top with the latest trends and best practices can help to create posts that gain traction, spark engagement and help build your presence.

Social media is an excellent tool for engaging your audience and potential customers but should be strategically planned to support your business goads. That said, it requires a tremendous amount of ongoing work. For example, Facebook alone requires multi weekly posting to keep your audience engaged with your brand. And posts must target your current demographic and others you’re trying to cast in your net.


Whether you chose to create your own posts or use the content management service, there is still support in place with our Social  Media Content Planning Toolkit monthly subscription. 

The content management service includes:

  • Planning content based on your specific goals

  • Drafting weekly social media queues. This can include geo targeted keyword trend research, image production and curation, hashtag development and analysing industry and influencer trends.

  • Scheduling and posting posts to all your social sites for the times you get the most visits to increase your site’s traffic.

  • Interacting. Commenting, sharing and interacting with followers to increase engagement.

Monthly Subscription providing you with a toolkit 

To have your very own virtual social media coach!