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One of the first things done when working with you is a social media setup or an audit of their existing social media account(s). This is because once work starts on creating a strategy and content, it is important this is from a solid social media foundation. 

Each social media network differs, not just in it's functionality but with the type of person is using it.  It is imperative you are were your ideal customer hangs out and not just ticking a social media back.  Once the right channel(s) is established, setup or audit can start.  Typically Facebook is where I start as this is the biggest social network out there.


Then next key phase to planning is understanding the objectives, goals and targets your buisness has over the forthcoming months.  It is imperative your social media activity supports your overall activity.  For example if you are running a workshop in March, you should be promoting this in the weeks and month prior to build interest and engagement by featuring content and the benfits gained by attending. 


Facebook and Instagram allow scheduling up to 6 months in advance meaning your posts can strategically support your business.  This doesn't and shouldn't stop the 'in the moment' posts that help tell the story and keep your audience engaged.

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