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Social Media Support

Content Creation

Would you like to create a month's worth of content in just 90 minutes? 


My Content Creation Workshop is a 1:1 interactive session where we work together to:


🔎 Identify your business goals for the next 3 months


 Create a calendar containing 1 month (min) worth of content ideas 


💡 Explore images that support your content and brand


👩‍🏫 Learn to create branded content like images, reels, stories and more in Canva


📆 Learn to schedule posts in advance using tools like Meta Business Suite and Buffer


This workshop is designed to support you by sharing screens on Zoom for real time working enabling us to review insights and performance.  The result is resources such as a marketing roadmap, key activities planner, goals and bespoke planner with content ideas ready for you to create and schedule. 

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At just £90, this affordable service can be a one off workshop to build your confidence and experience of using a social media strategy, content planning and post creation - Or a monthly service to support you and your social media activity.  The choice is yours!

View of Rachel Wicks of Electric Footprint planning and writing ideas in a diary
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