Social Media

Why is it such a big deal?


Social Media is fast - both for getting and sharing information - and can engage directly with your ideal customer in a way a website cannot. That makes social media management vital to staying on people’s minds and making the right online impression - I can support with:


Websites, while important, are often a secondary resource for potential clients and customers.  The objective of social account management is to start to engage leads, prospects, and existing customers and get them to connect with your brand. The ideal way for them to connect with you is to buy something from you, but it may also mean “liking” you on Facebook, following you on Instagram or supplying you with an email address for your monthly newsletter. Customers like to feel a connection to a brand and there is no better way to do this than by interacting with customers on social media. That’s why social media management is so important in today’s culture of instant access.

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