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Why Wicks loves Wix

As an advocate of the Wix website builder platform, I want to share with you why I feel Wix functionality out-performs all other web builders and why it’s here to stay.

First and foremost, it is a complete solution - from easy to design and build to advanced business features including SEO and marketing tools, it is the perfect place to grow your business from.

In a nutshell, Wix can offer all of the following products, depending on the package you take out of course, but it literally has everything you need to run your whole business from your website dashboard.

With all of this functionality available at your fingertips, Wix allows you to create a fully responsive website for both desktop and mobile devices. If you feel that your current website isn’t doing what you need it to, then maybe it’s time to switch to Wix, because stats suggest that globally, 95% of all sales will be generated online by 2040, so your website needs to give you maximum reach and control.

So, if Wix is so simple to use how can it be so powerful?

Here’s how:

  • Wix editor is an easy to use intuitive user-interface and drag-and-drop builder. It customises your design and provides you with full control over it.

  • If you want an easier option, ADI is available – Artificial Design Intelligence! By just answering a few questions, Wix will build you your ideal website.

  • It’s fully optimised for desktop and mobile view.

  • There are over 500 responsive, pre-designed templates to choose from.

  • Wix comes with professional SEO tools to significantly boost your Google ranking making your business more visible.

  • Wix offers one of the most impressive email marketing systems allowing you to create and share newsletters, promotions, offers, invitations, product information and more.

  • Wix app market provides you with over 300 apps to support your business.

  • It has a text editor function and also provides you will free fonts.

  • The Wix CRM system is compatible with many marketing automation platforms including Mailchimp and AWeber.

  • It is SSL Certified for added security and payment safety.

  • You will get a professional email mailbox.

  • Wix provides in-depth analytics and reporting tools to track important metrics and KPIs of your business, including the number of visitors, pages viewed, location of visitors, how long they viewed for, most common keywords used to find your site, to name just a few.

  • You get free and reliable website hosting.

  • Wix integrates with secure payment gateways including all major credit cards, Stripe and PayPal.

  • It also allows site owners to add product videos for better engagement.

  • You can even create pages in difference languages by using Wix Multilingual, which is great for global businesses.

With all of this available to you, it is easy to see how the Wix Web Builder platform allows you to a create highly customised responsive website and fully manage your business online. This is great for small business owners who need a first-class CRM system to capture leads, build customer relationships, integrate multiple payment gateways, and grow your business. The beauty of Wix is that as your business grows, the functionality options available do too so you never need to switch web platforms again.

If you think it is time to move over to Wix, then I can help. As your dedicated Wiz Whizz, I am here to build your new website with all the functionality you need. Equally, I can assist you in the build and mentor you in how to get the very best out of this amazing platform. Get in touch to arrange a free 15-min Wix discovery call today.

Let’s work together…

Drop me a DM @ElectricFootprint

Call 07958 231817 for a no obligation chat

Book a free 30 minute Discovery Call

I’m here to help! 💜


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