10 Steps to Help Build a Hashtag Strategy

It’s not enough just to know what hashtags are and to add them to your social media posts. You need a strategy. Follow these ten steps to developing a hashtag plan for your own accounts.

1. Make a list

Start out by making a list of all the hashtags you have used for your business. Then check the number of mentions on Instagram. Remove any that are too big for the number of followers you have. Remember the bigger a hashtag the less likely your content is to be seen.

2. See your followers like

Now, look at what topics your followers are enthusiastic about. Research their interests by finding out what hashtags they follow. There’s no quick way to do this, particularly if you have a large number of followers. But it is worth doing a sample selection regularly to see what new hashtags and interest areas are popping up.

3. Check out the competition

Next, go to your competition. You’re looking for accounts that serve a similar niche to you. Have a scroll through their posts and see what hashtags they are using. If you spot a hashtag you like the look of then see how the post has performed, what the content was and which other hashtags were used.