All about Hashtags

What’s going on with the whole hashtag thing? Are they just an Instagram thing? Are they OK now on Facebook? What about Twitter and LinkedIn? Where should you be using them and how many hashtags is too many?

Read on to find out where to use hashtags, how many to use on each social media network and how to work out which ones should be included with your post.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is simply a keyword phrase. It can’t contain any spaces or punctuation. It has a pound or hash sign (#) in front of it.

Examples would be #electricfootprint and #socialmedia

Don’t confuse adding a hashtag to a social media post with tagging. Tagging uses the @ symbol and links to another account, page or person.

Hashtags aren’t owned by anyone. So no permissions are required to use them and nothing stopping you creating your own. But before your start using one that you think relates brilliantly to your business so see what kind of content it’s already being attached to. Consider if the content that appears is going to be useful for you or confusing. This is particularly important for acronyms and single words.<