Benefits of using stories on Facebook and Instagram

Did you know that social media stories are one of the most popular storytelling methods out there? It’s hardly surprising when storytelling and content marketing are peas in a pod! Using stories on Facebook and Instagram is a brilliantly visual way to share your content with the main purpose being to drive engagement, grow your followers, build your brand and enhance brand engagement with your friends, business contact and wider audience.

Rachel Wicks of Electric Footprint showing an example of a Facebook & Instagram story whilst wearing a face mask

This particular feature allows you to get creative with your posts through a range of filters and effects that will make your stories more fun for your audience as opposed to ‘just posting an image’.

Some of the creative tools available for customising your stories are adding effects and animations, 3D drawing tools, stickers and emojis, adding text to your story and using the drawing tool. But, if you really want to blow someone’s socks off, take a look at these Apps that add extra ‘oomph’ and get your audience excited!

Here's a few to get you started: