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Content Ideas for 2022

Take the stress out of 22 with my proven, ready-made content planning toolkit

2022 is just around the corner and new social media trends are starting to emerge, setting the tone for the new year. In this blog we look at your customers and how you should be thinking more strategically about your social media content.

Social media is and has always been ever-changing because it is a reflection on how we are constantly changing as people. With the constant advances in tech and the way we absorb new content and fresh trends presented to us, this greatly impacts on our buying behaviour; the ‘digisphere’ is a very powerful place indeed. It’s more than just an online place to hang out with family and friends; it’s a serious place to generate business.

Knowing who your target audience is and how to talk to them on their level is key. Hopefully, you will have done your research into who your ideal customer is and you will know if they fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. Loyal customer (our fave)

  2. Need-based customer (product or service required)

  3. Impulsive customer (they’re looking, hook ‘em in)

  4. New customer (nurture that sales experience)

  5. Potential customer (let’s build a rapport)

  6. Discount customer (everyone loves a bargain)

  7. Wandering customer (check out what the competition is up to)

The content you put on social media to reach this magnificent seven is important. Are you targeting one group or more? What can you say that will make this mix sit up and listen? If you’re struggling with what to post on your social media feeds, then my content ideas toolkit is just what you need to get the new year of to a perfect start.

As your social media marketeer, I will provide you with the content ideas you need to fill your social feeds to create positive engagement, and you can adapt these accordingly to suit your customer category. It’s all in the planning and your social media content should never be an afterthought; with scheduling tools available on Facebook and Instagram that allow you to ready your posts months in advance, it’s a simple way to guarantee you’re seen. By staying on top with the latest trends and best practices you can create and schedule posts that gain traction, spark engagement and help build your online presence – it’s not something you can just ‘wing’ and hope for the best!

With my trusted and proven content planning toolkit you will get:

💭 Monthly planner of content ideas - A jam packed 31-day pre-planned schedule showing you what to post on your chosen social media platform(s)

📅 UK holiday calendar - A useful reminder of what’s coming up this month so you can adapt your content

Engagement questions - Unique pre-planned questions to encourage your audience to get involved

💬 Inspire with motivational quotes - Selection of positive quotes to uplift and engage your audience

📆 Events/Special Days - Already researched days within the month to celebrate, complete with full narrative content for use

Access to templates - A selection of ready-made templates for you to download and post that will drive audience engagement

👩‍🏫 Great resources - An abundance of hints and tips for you to improve your social media knowledge

Social media is an invaluable marketing tool that helps you grow your business and profits and all of these resources can be tailored to suit your own message to your customers for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day. If you don’t have the time needed, the know-how or the energy, you can fully outsource and let me take care of your entire social activity and create engaging stand-out content for your socials.

I’m passionate about helping business owners make the most of their social media presence and get the results needed – get in touch. I’d love to help you become more social media savvy!.

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I'm here to help.


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