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Does your Call To Action give the right instruction?

If you don’t tell your audience what you need them to do, they can simply vanish!

So, if you’ve been taking note of my previous blogs, you should be seeing some improvement in your social media results. We’ve covered a lot of topics from creating quality content, what kind of medium to use, building online relationships, knowing your customers, not putting all your social media eggs in one basket and visual branding…and a lot more besides.

But one thing we haven’t talked about yet is the CTA. The What? The Call To Action. This is a key element on a webpage, blog, social media post or any piece of your small business marketing which acts as a signpost – it tells your audience what to do next. Without a clear CTA, it is more than likely that your audience will read what you have to say and then disappear because you haven’t told them what to do next.

Your CTA is your opportunity to take your relationship with your audience one step further; it’s a critical opportunity to get them to respond and connect with you. By signposting with a short impactful phrase, you can start a journey with them that will hopefully lead to a sale or engagement of service.

The CTA you use will very much depend on your business type, for example:

For blog pages, you could use:

  • Read more blogs

  • Sign-up for our newsletter

  • Share on social media

For a B2B company, call to action buttons could feature text such as:

  • Book a discovery call

  • Discuss your project

  • Free trial

  • Contact our team

Whereas on an e-commerce site, your CTAs may be more commercially focused:

  • Add to cart

  • Checkout

  • Buy now

  • Add to wish list

In each case, the magic CTA button on the page tells your audience what action to take next to continue interacting with your business and move further down the conversion funnel.

Personally, I am not a fan of the hard sell and especially FOMO CTAs – calls to action that creates a Fear Of Missing Out – creating a sense of panic in your customer such as:

  • Last chance to buy!

  • Going fast!

  • Last few places available!

  • Last day!

  • Closing soon!

Equally, there are some CTAs that imply exclusivity like:

  • Only available to…!

  • Pre-register here!

  • Exclusive access!

  • Members only!

  • Invitation only!

I much prefer the softer CTAs that give a gentle nudge, guidance, create engagement and start a conversation by asking a rhetorical question or asking for opinions as opposed to BUY MY STUFF! Whilst the words in your CTA are the biggest pull, there are some other strategies that should be considered.

  • Great Design: Your CTA needs to grab the attention of your audience. Bright colour contrasts are good as this creates high visibility and it should be the most noticeable thing on the page.

  • The Benefit: Your closely located wording needs to state the benefit your audience will get by clicking on that CTA button.

  • Understand the Instruction: Whatever CTA you decide to use that suits your business style, must be clear and tells your audience what you need them to do now.

  • Short and Sweet: Keep it to a short phrase, not a sentence. Use action verbs like CALL NOW.

  • Clear passage: Nobody wants to faff around looking where to go next. Make it obvious.

Your potential customers need to be able to find all the information they need. If they can’t find it – they will move on to your competition. By having an effective landing page or home page will help your audience start their journey with you once they click on your CTA button.

If you need support with creating an impactful CTA that suits your small business style, I am here to help. Book a free Discovery Call today.

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