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Get ready to take your Social Media Content to the next level in 2022

I’ve been working hard to come up with new and inspired ways you can get the most out of your social media strategies without making a huge financial investment!

No doubt 2021 has taken its toll one way or another but I am hopeful that as 2022 starts to appear on the horizon, things are starting to be regenerated, rebuilt and re-engaged. I want to give you the support you need to really push your online energy and stay visibly connected.

So, what’s new here at Electric Footprint?

Schedule it - Easy as 123!

My new schedule it package really is as easy as 123! If you are not quite ready to outsource your social media just yet this is perfect for you. For £123 a month I create a social media planner for your business containing 12 posts allowing you to post 3 times a week to your chosen platform. I plan it - You post it! What could be easier?

Content Ideas Toolkit

I’ve streamlined my hugely popular Content Planning Toolkit monthly subscription into 7 easy to follow, colour-coded steps providing:

  • Monthly planner of content ideas - 31 day pre-planned schedule showing you what to post.

  • UK holiday calendar - Reminder of what’s coming up this month so you can adapt your content.

  • Engagement questions - Unique questions to encourage your audience to get involved.

  • Motivational quotes - Selection of positive quotes to uplift and engage your audience.

  • Events/Special Days - Days to celebrate, complete with full narrative content for use.

  • Great training resources - Hints and tips for you to utilise to improve your social knowledge.

  • Access to templates – Ready-made for you to download and post to drive audience engagement.

Content Ideas Toolkit subscription is £19.99 per month, but you can upgrade this package to include 1 hour of online training for £39.99 per month.

Social Savvy Business Support

My 121 60 minute training sessions are open and available, so if you’ve decided you want to try a different social media platform or create your own Canva posts, but need to get to grips with how to actually do it, I am here to give you 1 hour of my undivided attention to teach you the ropes.

Social Consultancy

And, if you still need more support and want to dig a little deeper with your social media strategies, I am now offering social media consultancy chargeable at £1 per minute; you can tailor this affordable, expert support service to meet your budget. It’s as simple as that. No contracts, no upfront fees and no minimum terms. A quid a minute to help you smash your social media strategies for 2022.

Having your own personal social media mentor has never been more relevant, resourceful or affordable. If you’re ready to future-proof your business and strengthen your digital presence, contact me today and let’s start planning your social strategies that get results.

If you'd like any support taking your social media to the next level now or in 2022, get in touch. I'd love to help you become more social media savvy!

Drop me a DM on Electric Footprint

Give Call 07958 231817 for a no obligation chat

I'm here to help.

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