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How Social Media Optimisation can boost your business

For small business owners, understanding the role of social media optimisation in your marketing strategy is invaluable.

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How else can your business connect with both existing and potential customers, whilst establishing strong branding and driving sales towards your product or service?

By using SMO!

So, what is SMO?

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is a set of strategies and techniques you can use to enhance your brand and online presence and visibility on social media platforms. It involves optimising various elements of social media profiles and content to increase engagement with your audience, have a wider reach, and allow you to achieve specific goals like driving traffic to your website, increasing brand awareness, or generating leads.

SMO focuses more on the organic, non-paid aspects of social media – it’s more about building a strong foundation and community on social platforms to complement and enhance any paid advertising efforts you may be using.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Social Media Strategy!

This is the blueprint for your business. This is the plan on how you intend to use social media to reach your business objectives…and if you don’t have one…you need one!

My 5 top tips for Social Media Optimisation:

1. Move over SEO!

SMO has emerged as a prominent element in any marketing strategy. While both SEO and SMO share common goals, like driving traffic and elevating brand recognition, they have different approaches. SEO focuses on optimising your website for search engines, whereas SMO focuses on your social media content. Make sure you link all of your social media posts back to your website to drive online traffic there!

2. You need to be where your audience hangs out

There’s no point posting on X if your audience is congregating on Facebook. You need to establish a strong community where you can engage with your audience, push traffic to your website and start to generate leads.

There are lots of in-built analytical tools available for you to monitor how well your posts are performing and the level of engagement you’re getting. It’s all about testing and measuring and a fair bit of trial and error.

3. Timing is everything

To optimise your reach, it's essential to post your content more strategically, timewise. This means posting when your target audience is most active on social media; use your analytical tools to identify the best posting schedule aligned with your audience's online habits.

4. Mix up your media!

How many ‘wordy’ posts do you read on your socials every day? Content with visuals tend to outperform those without, so start looking for images or videos that will capture the attention of your audience. We are all busy…attention spans are short so make your posts eye-popping and punchy and grab that attention!

5. You don’t get if you don’t ask!

There’s no easier engagement hack on the planet than to ask your audience a question and have them comment with their response. Only ask questions that would pique interest and your audience would actually bother to answer, or why not try using a question sticker on Insta or set up a poll on Facebook?

Remember, as with most things online, SMO strategies will undoubtedly evolve over time due to changes in algorithms, user behaviour and platform upgrades, so it's important to stay updated with current trends and best practices.

If you’d like to find out more about how social media optimisation can help your business, or how to start with your online strategy blueprint, please do get in touch to book a free Discovery Call today. We can work together to give you the knowledge and tools you need to take your online presence to the next level.

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