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Introducing my brand-new Content Creator Workshop for 2023

You asked, I’ve listened and now you really can reach your monthly social media goals in 90 minutes

Can you even remember the new year’s resolutions you made back in December 2021? If you are running your own small business, I am guessing that nailing your social media for the forthcoming year featured somewhere? The probability is that you never quite got round to it; we are all busy, other things take over and before we know it, any social media strategy or planning has been put on the backburner. 2023 can be so different and here’s why:

I’ve developed a fresh and innovative online Content Creation Workshop which will help you to plan your social media content for the month ahead - all in 90 minutes! Together we will brainstorm, plan, investigate the right imagery to support your content and look at ways to get it scheduled, taking the stress out of your business’s social media delivery, and freeing up your diary time.

And the great thing is it’s never been more affordable because your 90-minute 121 workshop is charged at just over 55p a minute!

By joining my Content Creation Workshop , we will:

✅ Identify your business goals for the next 3 months

✅ Create a calendar containing 1 months’ worth of content ideas

✅ Investigate and source imagery to support your content complementing your brand identity

✅ Discover how to create branded creative content like gfts, images, reels, stories and more in Canva

✅ Learn to schedule posts in advance using tools such as Meta Business Suite and Buffer

I've diligently planned out what we need to do to build your social media confidence and develop your skills so that eventually the whole process will become second nature to you and the feeling of overwhelm will disappear. The aim of this Content Creator Workshop is to show you that by investing a little time on your social media, you can reap big rewards and your learning outcomes can be:

🧡Managing your scheduling

🧡Matching up your imagery to your message

🧡Creating engaging posts

🧡Utilising additional resources

🧡Delivering social consistency

🧡Saving you time!

For just £50 a session, this uniquely tailored service is designed to suit you perfectly. You can book a one-off workshop to help build your social media skills and boost your confidence, or you can book this as a regular monthly service to give you long-term support and take your social media activity to a new level. The choice is flexible and entirely yours.

Let’s work together…

Drop me a DM @ElectricFootprint

Call 07958 231817 for a no obligation chat

Book a free 30 minute Discovery Call

I’m here to help! 🧡


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