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Is it time to get yourself some social media consultancy?

As we fast approach the end of 2023, do you feel you have fulfilled your social media management promises to yourself?

Rachel Wicks pointing to a clock with the question is it time to get yourself some soical media consultancy

If you have, that’s amazing and you deserve a big pat on the back; if you didn’t, you need to ask yourself if it’s time to start outsourcing and grab yourself some great social media consultancy?

Giving up any element of control within a small business doesn’t suit everyone; the thoughts of ‘nobody can do it like I do’ or ‘somebody else will make a mess of it’, no doubt goes through many heads. The truth is, how much are you actually doing that is working and if the answer is ‘not a lot’ then, how much more of a mess could you be in?

By getting yourself some social media consultancy, you can learn an awful lot in a short space of time, and then if you still don’t feel like you can go it alone, you can outsource to the professional you have learned to trust and who knows your business almost as well as you do.

What can you expect to gain from taking on a social media consultant?

You’ll have expertise and industry knowledge; someone with a proven track record of delivering great online results.

You’ll get a targeted social media strategy that will align with your specific goals and start to increase your online presence in all the right places.

You’ll be showing up on the appropriate social media platforms for your specific audience; certain demographics hang out on certain platforms.

You’ll be building engagement with your audience; creating a community around your brand makes for long-term business relationships and success.

You’ll be saving yourself time and money; have you ever converted the time you currently spend on social media into your hourly rate? Chances are it will be far more than you’d spend on consultancy.

You’ll get customised content; your audience will learn things that they want to know rather than random posts for posting’s sake which is ineffective.

You’ll start to understand what is working and what’s not, through data analysis and reporting.

You’ll be one step ahead by understanding current trends and evolving features; this means you can adapt your strategy when needed.

You’ll have the competitive advantage over your competitors; you can stand out from the crowd with the right social media strategy.

£1-a-minute social media consultancy is absolutely affordable! It’s far more cost-effective than hiring the services of a full-time agency and suits the pocket or purse of a small business owner.

All of the above combined means you can easily measure ROI; with the right strategy and tracking in place, you can get a clearer picture on how your social media journey is progressing.

If your business is ready for a more streamlined approach to social media management, strategy development and execution, Electric Footprint is here to help. From initial bite-sized training at a pace to suit you, through to full consultancy and management services - all at £1-per-minute - then please get in touch to book a free discovery call today!

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