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Knowing your customer is key to delivering quality content

As a business owner, having a clear understanding of your social media target audience may be the most important thing you do.

Through years of being in business and networking, I have had countless conversations where I’ve asked the question “so, who is your ideal customer?” And I cringe when I get the reply…”everyone!” They are not - not unless you’re Google or HMRC!

If we are talking to our potential and existing customers online, then we really need to think about who we are talking to. The age demographics alone can challenge how we present our message and use of language. It’s no use targeting the over 50s with language suited to under 25s and vice versa. You have to use a language style that makes sense to them.

By researching your client base and digging a little deeper, you will find commonalities when you start analysing your demographics. Your social media target audience (or avatar) is the specific group of people you want to reach; the people who are likely to express an interest in buying your products or services and engaging with your online content. They are likely to be linked by their demographics and consumer behaviours.

You can still sell to everyone, but you can’t target everyone with one piece of social media content; the content needs to connect specifically with one demographic selection, not everyone at the same time. A scattergun approach isn’t an effective one.

Consider the language you need to use when speaking to your audience determined by:

  • Age: not too specific – decade or generation will do?

  • Location: UK/abroad/daily routine – when is the best time to schedule your posts to reach them?

  • Employment status: Employed, self-employed, part-time, unemployed?

  • Lifestyle: Single, families, teens, students, retirees?

  • Interests: Shopping preferences, holidays, sports, hobbies, interests?

The way you connect with your target audience through words and visuals for the above variations alone, can require many different messages, styles of conversation and tones used. But one thing is consistent throughout – you need to find out their pain point and provide a solution for them.

It’s good practice to revisit your target audience/avatars regularly and ensure that it still accurately describes the people you most want to reach on social media.

Once you know fully who you are talking to, you can deliver quality content that will resonate with that demographic, drawing them in, creating engagement, a strong following and those all-important sales!

If you are short on time and resources when it comes to working out your target audience and key messages, you can fully outsource this and let me take care of your social activity. I’m here to help you be visible to your customers and get you great online results.

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