Why planning your social media content is key in your marketing strategy

Do you remember the resolutions you made on 31 December 2020? Did you include ‘getting your act together on social media’ feature in a long list of things you still haven’t done? Or maybe it’s just one of those things you ‘never got round to’? You’re not alone! Fast forward almost a year and it’s time to start rethinking your online marketing strategy and finally jump into action.

That’s why I have come up with a content planning kit that is filled with super content ideas that will make scheduling posts, engaging with your audience, and raising your brand awareness even easier and more affordable.

As your social media marketeer, I will supply you with content ideas to fill your social media feeds every day of every month so you can really start to build your social media presence and boost brand awareness.

So, what will you get in your subscription package? I'll provide you with:

  • Monthly planner of content ideas - A jam packed 31-day pre-planned schedule showing you what to post on your chosen social media platform(s)

  • UK holiday calendar - A useful reminder of what’s coming up this month so you can adapt your content

  • Engagement questions - Unique pre-planned questions to encourage your audience to get involved

  • Inspire with motivational quotes