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Putting the ‘social’ in to your social media

One of the biggest tips I constantly remind business owners is remember to be ‘social’able,whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn - It's called a social media platform for a reason.

Harness Curiosity

Being curious makes you socially irresistible. As the renowned Dale Carnegie said, You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

So how can you be interesting, whilst being interested. You can start by knowing and fixing your target audience in your mind, and constructing your post copy by answering some (or all) of the following questions:

· What motivates this person?

· What is important to them?

· What energises them?

· What do they love to talk about?

· What shuts them down or closes them off?

· What do they value?

Make it your goal to answer these questions about every potential customer and post when you're reaching out - give yourself a social mission. Before you know it, your audience will find you fascinating even though you have been trying to learn about them!

Try pretending you are introducing your brand, product, offer or story to a colleague, partner or family member. If the person was sat in front of you, you wouldn't just show them the picture without telling them all about the background (story) behind the image (would you??) So ask yourself, would I need to learn about them to give an impressive intro or story, then include these elements in your social media post copy.

Social Tip

Don’t feel like you have to hide your vulnerabilities. In fact, our secrets and flaws make us MORE like-able, not less. Allow yourself to show empathy – it can provide an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and understanding. For example; ask the ‘yes’ questions: Do you …? Are you …? Can you …? Would you...? Could you?

This can start conversation and comment engagement on a post. It’s also a great way to position that you can provide the solution to the challenge in question.

An example post might be:

Do you struggle with consistently producing content for your social media feeds?

An example response might be:

I hear you! Creating a strategy, getting the right tone of voice and message, and creating the content really can be a challenge for many solo or small business owners who are trying to manage their own social media (on top of actually running their business day to day). And I appreciate outsourcing your content management may not always be an option. I do however offer a monthly subscription service to support you in managing your own social media. It gives you access to a monthly content planning toolkit for just 82 pence per day, giving you a virtual online social media coach direct to your inbox.

When you are interacting try to highlight at least 3 similarities during your response. Remember, people are more influenced by someone who “likes or understands them” than someone who may be judging them.

It's good to be 'social'.

If you want more hints, tips or support with your social media strategy or content, get in touch. I'd love to help you become more social media savvy!

Drop me a DM on Electric Footprint

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I'm here to help.


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