Social Media Content Creation

You know you need a good hook when posting on your social media pages, and you know you need a blog. All this is very well, you might be thinking, but how are you going to create all this amazing content while trying to run your business? Not to mention fitting in some family time, or maybe carving out the odd hour to read a book or take a bath! So I’m going to make it a lot easier for you – by sharing some of my all-time favourite time-saving tips and tools.

Re-Purpose Your Favourite Content

I’m a huge fan of content re-purposing. If you’ve created some engaging content, then in my opinion it needs to be put properly to work! ‘Write it once and use it many times'. As an ultra-small or micro business you don't have time to be constantly creating new content, so make the content you do create work as hard as possible #blog #electricfootprint So that blog post you’ve written can easily be transformed into snappy social media quotes, podcast material, an Infographic, and an excuse to go live on Facebook. If you’re a regular blogger, you can even re-share older posts later on if you need to save some time.

(Those suggestions all came from the top of my head – I’m sure you could think of even more!)

Pretty-Up Your Content

It’s not enough to let your words do the talking any more. If you want to grab attention, you’ll have to add some interest with images. But it’s OK if you’re not a dab hand with your camera phone. There are plenty of free image sites out there to help. Wonder-sites such as Canva also allow you to re-purpose images for your chosen social media pages, you can easily add text and logos, and you can even design your own Infographics. Piktochart, meanwhile, helps you design great Infographics and the perfect presentation, while