Have you got all of your business eggs in one social media basket?

If you have, you may want to reconsider after Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram encountered technical issues which caused a 6-hour outage for millions of users on Monday 4 October.

Being reliant on one social media platform (or a few if owned by the same company) comes with a big risk as many business owners, to their detriment, found out this week. One minute your business is there for all to see and the next minute it has vanished, and you have absolutely no control over it.

If you rely too heavily on social media platforms as your Plan A, then you definitely need a Plan B. A lot of businesses operate solely through social media – whether it is through one or multiple pages or groups, your brand or the continuation of business being done could be put at risk. Operating this way can be compromised just as easily by hackers and just as much as an outage. Imagine having multiple income-generating groups and a hacker gets you locked out of your own business?

Take back control – get your Plan B in place.

If you don’t have a Plan B, the alternative isn’t pretty and here’s why:

This recent issue was global - 14 million outages were reported on servers across the globe. Yes, Facebook really DOES have that much control!

Think about how something like this ca