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Why £1-per-minute, pay as you go social media consultancy really works

With the rising cost of living, the last thing you need is a big social media bill

When it comes to outsourcing any part of your business, I fully understand how scary that can feel. If you struggle to allocate the time needed or are unable to streamline your social media scheduling and overall management strategy, help is on hand.

You only have to do a quick Google search (other search engines are available) and you’ll be inundated with businesses offering you social media consultancy – usually at a big price! Here at Electric Footprint, I appreciate how micro/SME businesses work and how important it is to manage the flow of funds in and out. That’s why I have created my £1-per-minute, pay as you go social media consultancy offer, so that I can support you with your social media goals for as long or as little as your budget allows. No nasty invoice surprises at the end of the month, just a simple pay as you go strategy.

I’ll provide expert consultancy in all key areas of Digital/Social Media Marketing, or more specific areas if that’s all you need, to ensure your business becomes more visible online. Together, we can work through:

  • Achieving your overall social media goals

  • Knowing who your target audience is

  • Knowing where to find your customers

  • Planning your communication and tone

  • Gaining brand clarity across your online presence

  • Creating content ideas and helpful tips

  • Managing content the DIY way or through outsourcing

  • Developing your skills through training

Time is money

Have you sat down and worked out what your hourly rate is? It’s a good first step to see how much time and money you could be wasting on creating and posting ineffective social media content. Time is always a big reason that clients aren’t as visible as they could be. Whilst you could spend a whole day sorting out your social media posts for a week, I can help you streamline this, teaching you how to cut these hours…saving you time and a lot of hourly rates!

Bite-sized cost effectiveness

Recruiting a social media agency will be expensive. Working with an independent social media consultant is by far a more cost-effective alternative to hiring an agency. We possess the same skills and breadth of knowledge, only I won’t charge you for my swanky office and staffing overheads. Paying for bite-sized 1-2-1 social media consultancy means you keep hold of your hard earned cash.


Your business is your baby and handing over the reins to someone else can be daunting. Working with an experienced and professional social media consultant will give you peace of mind that your reputation on social media is protected and being enhanced. Having a good relationship with your social media consultant is just as important for managing relationships with your customers; they are your voice promoting your brand. Take a look at my fantastic testimonials here!

If your business could benefit from bite-sized training and consultancy for £1-per-minute, then please do get in touch to book a free discovery call today! 👉

I’m passionate about helping business owners get more from their online marketing activity. Need assistance? Get in touch...

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