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Why you need to have a social media strategy

The importance of setting yourself some SMART social media goals

If you’re in business, then you’re bound to be on at least one social media platform; it’s the way of the world and social media marketing is here to stay whether we like it or not. Once you have accepted that it’s going nowhere, it’s time to embrace it and make the most of it to help drive your business forward. With over 4.74 billion active social media users worldwide – that’s a HUGE audience to tap into and definitely has to form part of your social media strategy.

The most vital part of any social media strategy is to set yourself Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals; SMART goals. Posting randomly with no clear message and expecting to achieve massive amounts of new contacts or sales isn’t a winning formula.

If you set yourself goals, it’s easier to identify what works and what doesn’t. These goals should be set around engagement, growing your audience and offering solutions. The last thing on your mind at this stage should be selling. If you jump straight into selling, it could turn off your audience; create a strategy that will educate, provide a solution and help build the Know, Trust, Like Factor - hopefully a natural sale will follow.

Recipe for your social media strategy success:

Clarity – be clear about who you are – what does your brand want to achieve?

Think about the kind of content you need to be sharing: blog posts, infographics, statistics, relevant industry articles, photos of you at work, your environment, your daily life – keep it real.

Your SMART goal here could be to attract 500 new followers on Instagram this month.

Accountability – without accountability we are more likely to fall at the first hurdle. When developing your social media strategy you will want to see results fast but the reality is more of a slow-burn; ongoing testing and analysis are key. Get yourself a business buddy or a social media coach to bounce ideas off of and be accountable to.

Your SMART goal here could be to test new content ideas for improved engagement this week.

Support – there are many ways to get support for your online presence and that could be through improving your online relationships with your clients, peers, widening your professional network, or engage the services of a social media coach with the aim of getting more online mentions and shares.

Your SMART goal here could be to ask for 3 new 5* Google Reviews this month.

Ideas – thinking ahead about what kind of content to post for the coming month may seem a little daunting but remember you don’t have to do it every single day! If you post 3 times a week that’s only 12 posts a month (roughly). Rather than posting willy-nilly, come up with a timetable and stick to it and test it!

Your SMART goal here could be to schedule a different mix of media and message for the forthcoming month and analyse your engagement stats.

Planning – fail to plan, plan to fail. It’s old, but it’s true. If you are working on your clarity, accountability, ideas and planning then you should see your social media marketing working to your advantage and you should see an increase in your website traffic and click-through rates. Keep on planning and changing up your content offerings. Work these around seasonal products if you have that kind of product-based business.

Your SMART goal here could be to change up your landing page in advance of your new seasonal product launch.

If this sounds like overwhelm to you, but you’re still keen to get your social media off the ground, then you may need the help of a social media mentor to move forward. I’m here to hold your hand through training and support and fill you with confidence in managing your own social media presence. Let’s book a discovery call and start planning your social media strategy together.

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