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A social media health check ensures you don’t get left behind

Social media is constantly evolving and by leaving your social media platforms unoptimised you could be doing yourself a disservice.

There are always new strategies, new channels, new audiences, new groups, new buzzwords, and generally a merry-go-round of new do’s and don’ts when it comes to your socials. If you look back over the last 12 months, things have been tweaked and changed and (mostly) we have adapted. But have you drilled down and found out what has worked positively for you and what hasn’t? By not undertaking a quick and easy health check, you could get stuck in the social media mud.

It's crucial to know what works and see where you can achieve the best results. A social media health check can help you recognise your successes as well as your shortfalls and steer you in the direction of improving your approach no matter what your preferred platform is.

If 2022 didn’t give you the results you need, then why not try my quick tips and see how you get on in 2023? I’m certain this will help improve your results.

Your brand Image – is this consistent across all of your socials and website or if you looked at them individually, could it be from 3 different businesses? Colour, style, font and tone consistency all help build your brand image and you should connect all your channels through this visual aid.

Your profile – is this still current or is it months/years out of date? Is the information relevant and in real-time? Are you giving your audience the current version of you?

Your audience - are you still reaching the right people? Have you worked out who your ideal customer is? Have you crunched the data in terms of:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Occupation

  • Education level

  • Industry

  • Revenue

Top tip: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can easily provide you with segmented information!

Your content – the message you send out will build or bulldoze your brand image, so you need to be certain that the content you are sharing is relevant, targeted and engaging! Posts need to be good quality, frequent and contain a mix of words, photos, videos, gifs to build varied positive engagement.

Your stats – all social media platforms offer built-in insights and analytics, so use them. You can then work out which platforms produce the best results and you can shift your focus to what works and ditch was doesn’t.

Unsure of how to get focused on your posts for 2023? Here are some helpful tips:

Facebook - post content using a mix of text, photos and video as well as shares from other relevant posts. Tag people and other businesses in your posts and don’t be afraid to try out features such as Facebook Live and Messenger chatbots.

Twitter - 120 characters or less! Images don't cost characters anymore so add them! Add links to your blogs and other useful content. Add #hashtags to boost presence and add a call-to-action only when needed – don’t waste your character limit.

Instagram - keep captions under 2,200 (although that is quite wordy!). Short and sweet is best but don’t forget to use @mention to link with other people/groups and expand your reach by using 5-7 #hashtags per post. Instagram is very visually driven so here you can boost your brand image.

If you need some supportive health check training and want to learn how to optimise your own social media performance, then let’s talk today and make 2023 your year for social media success.

Let’s work together…

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