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Why every small business owner needs a social media strategy

…and expert consultancy advice that won’t break the bank!

Just as the old saying goes “behind every great man is a great woman”, an effective strategy sits behind every successful social media campaign.

We now find ourselves halfway through 2023 so how has your social media strategy worked for you?

  1. Has your road map taken you to where you need to be? Yes? Good job!

  2. Did you stick to your plan to create schedule, analysis, and measure? How was that?

  3. Or did you give your social media strategy a half-baked attempt and fall back into bad old habits? We need to talk.

I really do understand how some small business owners become frustrated, bored or completely switch off from social media and that’s usually because there is no proper plan in place. It’s not as simple as the big brands make it look with all their fancy imagery, catchy content, huge rates of engagement that looks effortless…whilst you feel largely ignored. The truth is, it can be hard work - but it does work - as long as you have a clear strategy.

Here at Electric Footprint, I work with my clients to get the social media ball rolling by creating a social media strategy uniquely tailored to your business, delivered through my £1-a-minute consultancy service. We deep dive into your business’s product or service and analyse your customer types to make sure you are targeting them in the places where they hang out socially. There is zero value is nurturing your Twitter feed when all your prospective clients are hanging out on Facebook. We look into the types of images you should be using, the tone of voice and language style needed to connect with your audience and discover a range of different ways to mix up your media to get your message across. I can teach you how to schedule your posts and analyse your insights, test and measure and so much more.

Think about how your road map needs to look

You’re starting at A and you need to get to B, and in-between will be your social media goals that need to be met along the way.

Smash those goals!

By having a social media strategy you will be supporting every desired outcome from you goals list. By being on the right platform, you could increase sales, raise brand awareness, engage with your target audience, or get more followers; your plan is completely personalised.

Be clear, be trusted and become an expert in your field

To build your brand and consumer trust, you need to get in front of people with the right information and sharing your professional knowledge is a great way to do this; in time, you could stand out from the competitor crowd just by sticking to the plan. If you are posting haphazardly this will only lead to inconsistent messaging, confusion for a disengaged and rapidly disappearing audience.

Devising a powerful social media strategy requires a good understanding of many different elements such as audience type, best platforms, interactions, content creation, visuals, testing and measuring. I’m here to offer you the support you need to ensure that the next six months of 2023 give you better social media clarity, accountability, visibility and outcomes. £1-a-minute social media consultancy can get you a bespoke social media strategy that will elevate your brand and deliver tangible results.

If your business could benefit from social media planning and consultancy, please do get in touch to book a free discovery call today.

Let’s work together…

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