The Best Business Hashtags on Instagram in 2019

How many times have you thrown a few hashtags on your Instagram post because you had no idea what to put on there? And it barely moved the needle with your engagement, followers and you sit there perplexed about the whole hashtag thing? It works for other people, why can’t it work for me? I hear you and I see you!

You are not hashtag-inept. You just need a small amount of education and a bank of hashtags to use, which you will find in this blog post!

Read on, future hashtag lover!

What you need to know about hashtags before you start

Truth be told, there is some science behind hashtags. Just because you have a favourite saying in real life does not mean that it translates to the hashtag world. #goodgrief

First, where can you use hashtags?

While hashtags seem synonymous with Instagram, hashtags can actually be used on other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well. If you are using hashtags on platforms other than Instagram, keep it to two relevant hashtags as people won’t find your post unless they are searching for that exact hashtag. Using more than two hashtags not only does not serve you, it makes your content look messy and hard to read for your consumers. For the purpose of this blog post though, we will focus on Instagram because that is where you will find the most actionable and sustainable growth with hashtags.